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For computer enthusiasts out there, we all know that building our own device ourselves is the only way to go. So last week I decided enough with the laptop and it was time to build a new desktop system. Well, I have to say, building a computer here in China is completely different from building one back home. Everything is out of stock and nigh impossible to find the right parts.

First to decide what the system will be based on - AMD or Intel. This was the easy question, I wanted something in the range of the i7, and AMD had no products there. Although all my previous builds were AMD based, this time sorry, intel 920 it will be. (no need for 950 or 975 since you can just overclock the 920)

Motherboard is abit more tricky. There are several good ASUS and Gigabyte products and I have always gone with the ASUS before. This time, I looked through all the motherboards and in the end had two to choose from - the ASUS premium and the Gigabyte UD7. They both supported SATA 6GB and USB 3.0. The balance was tilted to Gibabyte as it was about 400 RMB cheaper and it supported SLi better - PCI-e x16 slots were x16x16x8x8 compared to ASUS's x16x16x1. Not that I will ever need three-way SLi.

The graphics is of course NVidia 295. Never liked the ATI products and this time especially, I have plans to get the NVidia 3D vision, which doesnt support the Radeons. If it wasnt for this, the 5970 would have been extermely tempting.

RAM - picked the best I could get my hands on - 6GBs of the 2000 MHz OCZ reaper. At 1/3 the price I am paying for the graphics, the price didnt seem to matter that much.

Harddrive went to seagate's new Barracuda XT, the only available 6GB/s drive. Though actual preformance reportedly isn't much better than a standard 3GB/s drive.

For the power supply, I wanted the Enermax Revolution 85+. Unfortunately, it was unavailable. Antec's TruePower will have to do. I also went with the Antec case - the Skeleton.

So this is what I am getting:
Intel i7-920 processor
Gigabyte GA-X58-UD7 mainboard
XFX Nvidia GeForce 295
OCZ Reaper 2000 MHz 6 GB Ram (Triple channel)
Seagate Barracuda XT (2GB, SATA 6GB/s)
Antec TruePower New 750W PowerSupply
Antec Skeleton Casing

Monitor will be the 22" samsung 120Hz one, and CPU fan I still need to find a 1366 slot cooler that fits the Skeleton casing. There are some coolers that seem to be pretty good, but I have yet to find a place with stock.

Got most of this stuff now, the PSU and casing will arrive tomorrow and will be picking up the 3D vision + monitor this weekend. Can't wait to try it out.


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